Why You Need Employer Branding

Today’s trends in the labour market demography and economy favour workers.

Employer branding helps companies to be creative, to adopt proactive measures, and to have solid human resources plans in place to recruit good candidates.

Using employer branding best practice will save you money on recruitment and tells future employees what it is like to work for you. You are building your company’s image.

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Management Consultancy

IDARA is a management consulting firm working with companies to attract the best talent, designing of employee engagement programmes and drafting strategy to retain staff, thereby increasing productivity and delivering cost savings.

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About Us

My name is Anthony Itiat from Nigeria but I live in Ireland.

I am well qualified in people management studies having attended University College Cork (UCC) where I received BA in Applied Psychology and Sociology. I went on to gain a Higher Diploma in People Management (HDipPM) with the same university.

I apply this knowledge to help companies to improve their employment and HR policies.

My passion for people management is a deep rooted passion acquired from early childhood observation of my parents on how they both managed their employees.

My parents were involved in local businesses and as they expanded they took on more staff. My mother had a stall in a local market and traded as a fishmonger while my dad was a palm oil and kernels merchandising agent.

They both emphasised the importance of giving ownership of their businesses to their workers. During Christmas they invited their workers to the family home for meals. All the workers were happy and their happiness came out in the way they attended to customers.

The company’s name “IDARA” is derived from my native language of Ibibio origin in the Southern part of Nigeria. This means “Harmony”. The reason I chose this name is because I believe that harmony drives employees’ engagement in a workplace.

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Do you want to be an attractive employer and employer of choice? Then contact us for advice!

Our business is all about enhancing company’s reputation as an employer through implementation of employer branding best practice.

Employer Branding and You

To find out more about your employees we conduct anonymous surveys to identify employee engagement. Insights are shared with clients on how they can improve management system.

We provide a range of essential points for SMEs and Multi-nationals starting with management seminars and tools. We also offer consultancy services to provide support.

Employer branding provides a solution to the most common HR difficulties encountered by organisations. It reduces employee attrition by providing employees with a clearer career development plan.


  • It emphasises on organisational culture as a strategy that holds organisation together
  • A good employer branding is a good value proposition being offered to employees and it creates a feel good factor in the organisation

  • Employer branding helps companies that are considered good companies to have a strong identity and an image in the marketplace
  • Employer branding acts as an instrument emphasising particularly on why it is important for organisation to build its strong public image

  • Employer branding is a check on how Employment Value proposition (EVP) builds a strong public image
  • Employer branding strengthen employees’ mutual obligations (psychological contract) which is the overall expectation from both employer of employee and from employee to of employer


The training on employer branding will give you a full knowledge and understanding of the concept. The training will cover the all the components of employer branding and will demonstrate the usefulness of each component to your organisation’s competitive advantage and how that can help your positioning in the labour market.

A take home here is that, employer branding is about how you positions your company in the labour market. This means telling the market how your organisation works and about your unique features, as well as showing you are a good employer.

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